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In a small Wisconsin town, a long-time resident Punjabi family prepares for the wedding of their only son. The family's daughter, who is guided by the ghost of her ancestor, a Punjabi pirate, announces her plans to move away and open a bar. As the community comes together for a celebration with singing and dancing, the older generation's expectations clash with the younger generation's dreams. The festivities are suddenly interrupted by a violent tragedy. With a pivotal element based on a real event, India Pale Ale is a story that will resonate with all audiences as it illuminates a story about family, love, dreams, loss, community, beer, and, of course, pirates.

India Pale Ale won The Horton Foote 2018 Prize for Promising New American Play.

Directed by Priya Iyer               \ Produced by Catherine LaMoreaux


  Natasha Agrawal            Harsh Arora                   Anil Joseph

     Divya Khanna           Robert Podolak            Sheetal Sharma

       Alisha Sheth            Arvind Vashisht            Malini Waghray

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