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Initial auditions will take place on Zoom.

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Tenali Raman
Written and directed by Catherine LaMoreaux
Indian folk tale hero, Tenali Raman, is a poor young man who sets out on a journey to meet the king and find his fortune. He encounters challenges along the way, but always from some trick to get out of trouble.

Tenali Raman – male, 20-35, Indian, a mischievous, but clever scamp, must be able to move well, and lift a person
Krishnadevaraya and other roles – male, 30-60, Indian, the regal and wise king, a scholar, a poet
Rajguru – male, 25-40, any race, Tenali Raman’s enemy, must able to lift a person
Actor 1 – male or female, any age, any race. Plays several parts
Kali -- female, any age, Indian, goddess

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Last Train to Nibloc

Written by Arlene Hutton.
Directed by Shauni Ramai
In December 1940, on a cross-country train May shares her seat with a charming young flyer, Raleigh. Religious and bookish, May plans to be a missionary. Raleigh has been given a medical discharge and is heading to New York to be a writer. Scene Two finds May and Raleigh at the Nibroc festival a year and half later. In Scene Three, they sit on May’s front porch and are finally able to resolve their differences and discover the depth of their feelings.
Raleigh – male, early to mid 20s, Kentucky accent, a good guy, slow to anger, quick to chuckle, any ethnicity

May – female, early 20s, Kentucky accent, shy, from a small town, sincere and honest, any ethnicity

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Having Our Say
Written by Emily Mann. Directed by Anna Paone
103-year-old Sadie Delany and 101-year-old Bessie Delany welcome us into their home. As they prepare dinner, they take us on a remarkable journey through the last hundred years of our nation’s history, recounting events and anecdotes drawn from their rich family history and careers as pioneering African-American professionals.
Bessie Delany – female, 101 years old, African American
Sadie Delan
y – already cast

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Popcorn Falls
Written by James Hindman. Directed by Catherine LaMoreaux
The sleepy town of Popcorn Falls is forced into bankruptcy when a neighboring town threatens to turn them into a sewage treatment plant. Their only hope – open a theater! Two actors play over twenty roles in a comedy of love, and desperation.
Actor 1 -- plays multiple characters that are male, any ethnicity. Mid-30s to early 50s. Plays Mr. Trundle, the new mayor of Popcorn Falls, Hans, a German foreign exchange student and Mr. Upmall, an octogenarian.
Actor 2 -- male or female, any ethnicity. Mid-30s to early 50s. Plays multiple characters including: Joe, the town custodial engineer,  Austin, the not-very-bright-but-eager-to-please sheriff, Ms. Parker, the theatrical town librarian, Mrs. Stepp, the oversexed, hardboiled middle school teacher, Floyd, the owner of the local lumberyard, and Becky, a very sweet lost soul.

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