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About the Play

When her sister, Mina, falls ill with a mysterious disease of the blood, Lucy Westfeldt and her fiancé, Jonathan Harker, enlist the help of famed female vampire hunter Doctor Jean Van Helsing. Their hunt for the dangerous and sexy Count Dracula abounds with clever wordplay and quick-change antics. 

Actors may play more than one role.

Side will be posted soon.


Count Dracula - Commanding European dialect. Hugely sexy, magnetically handsome, rock star presence with a killer body.

Jonathan Harker - RP British dialect. Prim and proper and obsessive-compulsive real estate agent, frightened of his own shadow.

Lucy Westfeldt - RP British dialect. Brillian, plucky earth scientist daughter of Dr. Westfeldt, she is full of energy and the spirit of adventure. She is often underestimated because of her beauty.

Mina Westfeldt - RP British dialect. The less attractive, less intelligent Westfeldt daughter, she lives in her sister Lucy's shadow and is desperate for attention.

Dr. Wallace Westfeldt -- RP British Dialect. Lucy and Mina's father, a blowhard, self-important misogynist given to proclamations and posturing with his pipe. A doctor caring for the criminally insance, he has recently lost his wife to consumption.


Dr. Van Helsing - Female. German dialect a la Mel Brooks. Brilliant and sturdy German vampire-hunting doctor from the University of Schmutz. Deadly serious. Strong, smart, and bold, she is a woman of action.

Renfield -- Cockney dialect. Insane patient of Dr. Westfeldt who lives to serve and loves to eat bugs.

Kitty Rutherford - Cockney dialect. A dotty kleptomaniac patient of Dr. Westfeldt, she serves as a maid in his house.

Lord Cavendish - Scottish dialect. Lucy's suitor, a Scottish dolt.

Lord Worthington - RP British dialect. Lucy's suitor; posh, British and petulant.

Lord Havemercy - Texas accent. Lucy's arrogant suitor from Memphis.


Open Call Auditions -- auditioners will have the option to read from the script or prepare one of the sides linked above. Memorization is not needed.

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