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One-Act Play Festival March 8-10

Play Submissions for 2024 are open until Dec. 31, 2023.
To submit a play:


Dragonfly Multicultural Arts is dedicated to multiculturalism in both programming and casting. We look for pieces that enlighten the human condition and entertain our audiences. We prefer plays that are comedies, and we look for good roles for women. In terms of productions, because of both our budget and the facility in which we perform, we cannot do real sets. We are currently looking at plays that are 10-40 minutes in length.

You can visit our website: to see the types of plays we have produced.

If you feel you have a play that we would like, please send it to Include the following information in your submission:

1. Title of play

2. Length (in minutes) of play

3. Genre of play

4. Character list with descriptions

5. Setting and set requirements

6. Synopsis of no more than one page

7. Production history

8. Your bio

9. Your home city and state. If not New Jersey, note if you have any connections with New Jersey.

**Preference will be given to New Jersey playwrights and plays that have not yet been produced.

Please choose the play you believe will best fit in with our programmg, and send just the one play.

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